Best ways to stop Toddler from hitting Other Siblings

The fight of siblings is a common part of every household, however, if your younger child is used to the habit of hitting other siblings, it is an alarming sign. According to the research, the toddler's frontal cortex is not developed yet that is why their emotions usually overpower their ability to judge and comprehend the situation and without realizing that "hitting hurts." Most toddlers cannot express themselves verbally in a better way and they get frustrated. But parents can ensure that the other children feel safe in their own house and can play their role rather than letting the children lose control of the emotions. The best way is to tell your child that hitting hurts and one should not hit anybody in any case.
 If you really want to change the aggressive behavior of your child, find out the reasons why they act in such a manner and try to address it. Child psychologists are of the view that every kid experiences some kind of issue and they end up acting in an…